One of the hardest parts of adjusting to life in Ireland was the internet situation. Our apartments, though extremely nice and modern, do not have WIFI, thus we had to head out on the first day and buy CAT5 cable cords to connect our computers to the wall. We were dealing with so much–adjusting to the time change, trying to get in touch with our parents (which meant paying a fee because with no WIFI there was no Imessaging, only texting), buying all the supplies for our apartments, unpacking, and figuring our way around a foreign city. This lack of ability to get in touch or connect with home exasperated our homesickness and just added more to our plates. Everyone felt overwhelmed and unsure of how to navigate this limited access to the world wide web.

We have hit a routine now. We set up the internet and figured out how to configure it in our apartments. Though randomly it will go offline for hours a time, so nothing is ever sure. We also figured out how to connect our phones to the internet while in our rooms, which made the entire difference. It has allowed me to keep in touch with my parents (through this great App called Viber, which is free texting and calling), stay connected to friends through facebook, and enjoy the simple quiet moments of checking my e-mail or reading the online Boston Globe.

It has made me realize how dependent I am on my phone and the internet in general. I mean imagine not being able to talk to your mom or dad after you have flown thousands of miles to a new place? Imagine not getting e-mails or being able to look things up on google? Maybe I sound crazy, but I have no shame about the amount I use my phone and computer. I like being connected and in touch with the world and my inner circle of family of friends.

Adjustment number one. Check.

Want to watch TV in my bed?? The cords come along:


The CAT5 cable cord is massive and I spent ten minutes untangling it:


Even though I untangled and tied up the cords, the neatness will just never be. Instead I hide these cords behind my computer… le sigh:




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