First Impressions: things that differ.

Things I have noticed.

– You have to pay for everything! Shopping bags are all reusable so not only did we have to purchase, but we have to remember to bring them every time we shop.

-Internet is so horrid. 3G or 4G don’t exist, and WIFI is only available at certain places. On top of that you have to access the password… pain in the butt!

-There are no preservatives or hormones in the food so it expires really fast. While some may be inclined to see the healthy side of this, its really hard for any of us to not throw tons of food away since it spoils days after buying.

-Dying your entire head pink or blue is a really popular trend… as is tights with shorts–both of which I will never understand.

-The Irish have a really loose way of living: attendance to class is not important, dressing up to go to bars is not a “thing”, lending money is done often (our tour guide lent a girl in our group 50 Euro until she could find an ATM), drinking at all hours is normal, and skipping class all semester is also completely normal.

-Ketchup is not a thing. I swear they only keep a small bottle in the back for Americans. I’m that girl who makes them go looking. I have to ask everywhere we go…. every single time.

-The exchange rate is not very good and Ireland is in an economic downturn so that is no bueno for students like us. Money is also confusing because the 1 and 2 dollar is a coin- you have to separate those from the actual coins… its all confusing.

-Irish are obsessed with American accents… they ask me to speak all the time (say “Oh my god” is the most common request). They also can pinpoint exactly where you are from, which is impressive because I don’t have a Boston accent. On the other hand… we are obsessed with their accents and I love hearing them all speak.

-saying excuse me is really formal… they simply say “sorry” a lot of times really fast.

-“tipping” means making out…I’ll just end this one there.

-module=class ;  seminar = small classroom size ;  lecture= massive class size ;  colloquium = advanced class –I still get confused.

-paper clips are not a thing. very unfortunate for this paper clip lover.

-Water bottles are just bought… “do you have reusable water bottles” … “uhh what do you mean?” was the exact interaction that occurred. I just want my Nalgene-ha!

-oatmeal= porridge… we get a chuckle every morning at that.

-chips=fries and they come with lots of random meals, like pizza. The potato comes in come form with every meal.

I am sure there will be many more to come!




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