Out on the Town.

One of the most common complaints throughout my time at Holy Cross was that socializing on weekends was really hard. While some may reminisce about their days going to frat houses, tailgating football games, or heading to off campus housing to themed parties, Holy Cross kids are in a transition where the school strictly enforces off campus parties and breaks up any more than 5 people in a room. Our football team is horrid, so no one really goes to the games, let alone tailgates (except parents weekend). The stagnant nature of socializing was something that was starting to irk me. Its why I am so thankful to be here in Galway.

Firstly, the walk to town (Galway City) is 10 minutes and Shoppe Street is lined with bars and nightclubs that can accommodate whatever mood you may be in (lets have fun mode, chill drinks mode, dance like a crazy person mode, ill do whatever mode..etc.). The cobblestone street adds to the charm of the city, since it transforms into a daytime hotspot for live music, cafe coffee hang outs, and the famous farmers market on the weekends.

It is so refreshing to always have somewhere to go where there will be new people, experiences, and good music. Heading downtown will ensure that you have a good time in some capacity. It has made me so much more willing to head out and just let loose, something I began to struggle with towards the end of my year last year.

I think the pictures speak for themselves, so here is a little photo dump from the past few nights. Enjoy!





frolicking through the fields on the way back.


enjoying our drink of choice: Bulmer’s Irish Cider beer.




One of my favorites!





2 thoughts on “Out on the Town.

  1. You look like you’re having a great time, Caroline! Continue to enjoy every minute. Thankfully you are in good company who can help you navigate your new surroundings. Stay safe always and I look forward to hearing more! With love, Auntie Karen

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