I got inked (don’t worry dad…)

One of the really cool aspects about bar life here is that you can get stamps throughout the night from promoters on the street that will get you into the club for free/discounted price. While bars are really prominent here, many people end up going to the clubs as well and it is really beneficial to just accept the stamps because you never know where you will end up throughout the night.

Unfortunately, Chemistry was not one of my strong points in high school so keeping the names straight is really difficult: Carbon, Electric, Hydrogen and literally I have no idea what the other ones are called because I don’t even try to keep up… I simply follow the group and end up at one of them.

The most unfortunate part is that the stamps DO NOT COME OFF. For some reason my skin keeps ink for so long because while everyone else gets them off the day of, my arm literally looks like a plethora of tattoos has been drunkenly applied. I have scrubbed and scrubbed and used germ-ex, yet nothing has worked.

I am officially the girl in class who you give a judging look for one of two reasons: either I look like I don’t shower, or I look like the girl who goes out and never comes home.


Two on my left arm.


on the left hand–for everyone to see.


From six days ago (five showers ago!) on my right arm.


On the right hand–just to be symmetric of course.

Anyone else have these problems? Suggestions welcome! Until then it will remain the group joke… le sigh



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