The Lazy Weekend.


We spent the weekend exploring Galway and just taking it easy, since we were so busy during the week. Saturday we decided to sleep in for as long as possible and head to the farmer’s market to see what it had to offer. They had tons of fresh veggies, fruit, cheese, and odds and ends. We all purchased some fresh made hummus that was gobbled up within hours of arriving home. We also checked out the food carts and had these delicious donuts that were so ridiculously good, I cannot even put it into words. They are so good that it was on the top ten list from the girls who attended the Galway program last year. It puts anything you have ever had to shame…. I mean… I die. We plan to hit the market up every Saturday because the food was so fresh, the people so friendly, and the prices were so good.


Of course we had to hit up one of the many cafes to get some coffee– vanilla latte is both beautiful and yummy!


On Sunday we went to a little breakfast joint and enjoyed some eggs, spinach, toast, and milk (very balanced!) and then we decided to head down to the water. It was freezing!! It was drizzling and really windy so we grabbed a few photos and left.


The colored houses that line the water are some of the most famous pictures of Ireland.


Above is part of the city square. The cobblestone is so adorable and the streets are lined with dancers, acoustic singers, magic tricks and so much more. Outdoor dining is everywhere and shops have merchandise lining the streets. It is so peaceful and calm to walk the streets and just get a feel for the local flavor.


Molly, Julie and I by the water… freezing our booties off.


If we stop to watch someone on the street we feel obligated to throw coins into their cases… this boy was so adorable and we filmed him so Molly ran up to tip him and she completely missed his case. It led him to literally laugh during his song and it absolutely made our day.

All in all it was the perfect low key weekend!




One thought on “The Lazy Weekend.

  1. I have so much fun reading all your fun trips. We love you and miss you and wish you the best. We had fun on our visit years ago. Watch out for those Irish lads, they have quite a bit of charm!

    NANNY AND POP-POP (via Uncle David…a free service for family members only).

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