Everyone Can See My Underwear.

It has been just about two weeks since we have arrived and we all had copious amounts of laundry that needed to be done. I stretched it out for as long as I could, but my jeans had all been worn through and needed some good TLC. One of my friends did her laundry on site at our housing complex and the machines were extremely tiny, forcing you to have to do more than one load (at 6 Euro a machine?!) and then use more than one dryer (at another 6 Euro a machine). I wasn’t about to pay that much and have my clothes get dyed a different color or shrink.

Our Irish adviser (the kindest, most adorable woman) e-mailed us with a few places and since one was across the street we decided to check it out. So I separated my laundry into two massive totally normal sized bags and lugged it over to the place. After wandering for a bit (dragging our open bags of clothing and intimates for all to see) we finally found the place nestled in behind the shopping center and we walked in. For 10 Euro we could drop off all our laundry to be washed, dried, and folded and be picked up in an amount of hours. BOOYAH!! I hate doing laundry and you can count me on board for the insurance that my clothes wouldn’t be dyed or shrunk.

The only drawback was that we headed over after class around 4:30 PM, which forced us to have to leave our clothing/sheets overnight to be picked up after class today. Thus, I had to sleep on a sheet-less bed and freeze my bootie off all night, but when I picked up my laundry smelling nice, folded, and separated–it was all worth it!

It is so funny to us that it is actually cheaper and more reliable to drop off our laundry for someone else to do than to do it ourselves. You won’t hear this girl complaining. Absolutely made my day… maybe even my week. Call me a diva— I still will be on cloud nine, or rather on my freshly washed heavenly sheets.

I would have taken photos (especially of the adorable ladies who run the shop–loved them!) but I was too busy lugging my massive bags across the main street (complaining the entire way, no less) like a diva.




2 thoughts on “Everyone Can See My Underwear.

  1. Sounds like the perfect reason to pack light when I visit. It may be the only time I can say that I had my laundry done for me. If you get a chance to be a diva, I say go for it!!

  2. so they dont have washers/dryers here so someone comes to do the laundry and then it hangs in the yard to dry for the day on clotheslines….literally everyone gets to see my underwear : )

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