Single in Dingle… Part 2.

We continued our day by going on a boat outing to see the dolphin. Fungie the dolphin is a legend on the island as it is the only dolphin that continuously stays in the bay and is super friendly and likes to show off. Indeed, there is a shop–The Dolphin Shop– and huge statues of tails throughout the town. The cruise was really fun, especially because we got so lucky with the weather the entire day. Not only was it not raining, but it was sunny!! Bad weather would have ruined the entire day. I loved being out on the water and it was fun to chase the dolphin around, especially because he swam so close to the boat.

In typical Irish kindness you only had to pay if the dolphin was actually seen a good amount of the time. Thus, if Fungie wasn’t cooperating your boat trip would be free! I swoon over this country’s awesomeness.




When Fungie made his appearance we all leaned over in the hopes he would come closer, but alas he likes to just show off from afar.



Later that night we headed out as our cultural adviser, students from last year, and friends from Galway insisted we go out in Dingle. They were right! It was one of the best nights we have had yet. Since the town hosts so many weddings it was only natural that every bar we went to had tons and tons of bachelor parties– called stag parties here in Ireland. My personal favorite was a group of boys who dressed the soon- to- be as Wheres Waldo. There is nothing I like more than to break it down on the dance floor so a bunch of boys who are there to just have fun was right up my alley! Towards the end of the night things got crazy as the bachelors made it their mission to pick up and spin the American girls. Since most of them didn’t have the best balance we had a few “man down” moments that created so many laughs when we got back to our room.


Dancing up a storm!


I could not stop laughing the entire time. Everyone was just having so much fun. Also, my roommate Molly had just missed her chair and fallen on the ground. I stood and laughed while the Irish boys went to help her. Typical.


Find Waldo! His costume came complete with hat, glasses, and shirt. Ignore the crazy eyes.


Naturally I had to find a bench to dance on when Sweet Caroline came on. Thankfully I have awesome friends who are always ready to bring the fun to new levels.




This bachelor (getting married in two weeks) was not too steady on his feet and thought my dance moves (the sprinkler, shopping cart etc) were hilarious. He became fixated on picking me up and swinging me around. Note the fear on everyone’s face as he came back for round seven of lets spin the American.

Dingle was well worth the trip and everyone left talking all about how we want to buy a cottage there and share it together. We were that obsessed. The views were spectacular, the beaches so calm, and the mountains so green. Not only did we get a chance to learn about the culture and origins, but we got to go out and really mingle with the people. They could not have been kinder and the bar had an atmosphere unlike any other we have been to. People were just dancing and having fun–no worries in the world. I am so thankful I got to share this weekend with so many awesome people… and that I got some great photos.

We headed home (on three buses) on Sunday and it was pouring rain, so we were thanking our lucky stars that the skies aligned for us to enjoy Dingle without rain. Most of us crashed after unpacking since we were so exhausted. Our next trip is in a few weekends and we are all so excited to see how great the next destination is!


One of my favorites!



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