the differences… take two.

the food….

-Grocery stores do not sell pretzels. We buy this amazing hummus at the farmers market every week and I love some flat unsalted pretzels with hummus, but no store sells them.

-The frozen food is amazing and tops anything you will ever see in America– amazing soups, puff pastry ensembles, and fresh pizzas.

-Everything has thick sauces or creamy aspects to it. Fish is never just fish, but fish with some sort of sauce.

the boys…

-dating is a big thing. In America you don’t get asked on dates as a college student. Here–they wine and dine you at nice restaurants. Both my roommates have already been on a date. We all loved the idea of dates in America (after all, how refreshing right?!), but we have quickly found that we were raised in a culture where dating is so foreign that we kind of freeze up at the thought of it. However, we are more than happy to get used to it! 🙂

-Boys are all about the matching sweatsuits, especially Hollister. Very unfortunate.

-Grinding does not exist here, which is so refreshing! Everything is dancing around, slow dancing, or in some unfortunate cases flailing random limbs.

-Texting long paragraphs is huge. Boys are so friendly and talkative over text (not that I would know or anything;)). American boys are the kings of the one word answer. Indeed, Nanny you were right–the Irish lads are charming.

the music…

-We love the song Galway Girl and request it at every bar. Though they usually play it once a night, it is incredibly cliche to them.

-They play Spanish Lady all the time, which thanks to my Dad’s obsession with the Celtic Women CD, I know every word.

-Wagon Wheel plays at least six times a night. Good thing I love that song.

the tv….

-Friends is on reruns legit three quarters of the day. Modern Family is also super popular. Besides that much of the TV shoes are cheesy and awkward.

-Irish Netflix has way more movie options, less in the TV arena. However, they do have the entire fifth season of Damages, which is not available in the US, so this girl is happy!





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