The Weekend.


I started off my weekend by forgetting my key to get into the apartment. My roommate was in class so I posted up outside the door until she arrived. It was bound to happen, but I certainly did not think that the oh-so-organized me would be the first to succumb to the forgetting the worlds smallest key syndrome. Note the puffy “I had to wake up so early” face…keeping it real people, keeping it real.


We kicked Saturday by heading to the farmers market. I scored a huge head of celery for the fresh made hummus that I am so addicted to. We browsed a bit before hitting up the donut man. These donuts are sent from God and simply unable to be described. The ooey gooey goodness inside is almost as good as the cinnamon sugar coating. I am slightly ashamed that the donut man knows our name already, but alas YOLO, my friends, YOLO.



Molly modeling the donuts. I mean they really are slices of heaven.

Molly and I are obsessed with concert movies (Katy Perry and Justin Beiber are amaze) so we decided to go to the theater and see the One Direction movie. Let me tell you—FABULOUS! It was so interesting to see how the boys came into success, are so down to earth, and really appreciate the journey. If nothing else the music is amazing and the pranks and backstage footage is so entertaining. My hunt for Harry Styles to be my husband is ON. Ahem… anything can happen.



I mean hello…. welcome to my life!


We finished off Saturday by having a little family dinner. Julie whipped up the most amazing pasta dish. A little side salad and squash side dish coupled with some brownies (Molly and I were on dessert duty) made the evening a success! So yummy and fun to collaborate. Its my turn come Sunday and with LOTS of help from my Mom I am hoping to pull it off! Fingers crossed!



Fiona, Molly, and Julie pre-dinner… we proceeded to gobble up our creations!

Sunday we decided to actually crack open the textbooks.. something we haven’t done since arriving. I am still working today to catch up so whoooops on that one. YOLO people–YOLO.


Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


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