Cheers to Arthur!

Happy Arthur’s Day!

A little confused? Today is St. Arthur Guinness Day because the man who created beer is obviously a saint in the eyes of the Irish! We had heard little rumblings about the day for the past couple of weeks, but we didn’t really understand what was up. I am so glad we rallied and headed to the center of town because it was so fun! Hundreds of kids (around my age) gather on Shoppe Street to cheers at 5:59 for Arthur Guinness. Pubs were churning out the Guinness like crazy.. it is sad because I hate Guinness (gasp)–it is far too thick! For the sake of the day I bought one and did the cheers, but I quickly passed the beer on to Luke who has greatly appreciative. While you cannot have glass out on the street you can carry around your drink in a plastic cup–this is true all the time, not just on this day.

I have some amazing videos… people were chanting Irish songs altogether at the top of their lungs and doing quick chants in anticipation of the cheers. A few men stood on scaffolding and were taking official photos along with a kid in a top hat who held up signs with the countdown.

In all it was super cool to experience a day so unique to the Irish culture. Plus my class was cancelled (woot woot!) and we got to randomly celebrate something on a Thursday!

The only downside was people went nuts after the toast and beers were being chucked throughout the square. We all got splattered, but towards the end I got nailed with a beer. Therefore, do not judge our appearances in these photos because it was also hot (shocking!)… my hair was not having it today.


The square quickly began to fill up around 4 PM.


Luke, Pat, Fiona, and Molly (double fisting my beer so I could take the photo–see how full mine is.. ugh I couldn’t even sip it!)


Molly, Me, and Fiona. My roommate, Molly (yes, we have two Molly’s) and Julie headed off to Munich today for Oktoberfest so it was just us three, which was fun and different!


See the scaffolding in the distance? Everyone was paying close attention during the countdown!


10 minutes! He did a 5 minute, 2 minute, then a 10 second countdown!


It was packed… we got there early enough to have a great spot.


Chaos. People climbing on street signs and nailing each other with beers. A college kids paradise I tell ya.


We stopped to use the restrooms and ended up actually staying at one of our favorite bars, The Keys. The band was spot on and we could not stop dancing. So I grabbed a Bulmer’s (my fav!) and danced along with the band.


Molly has climbed on stage before and gotten removed so we are pretty good friends with the bouncers (he likes my eighties dance moves… holla at ya girl for embarrassing myself impressing at least someone!) So we always dance eerily close to the stage as a joke.


Dancing up a storm!


Fiona’s happy dance. Fiona has loved the bartender for weeks so I walked up to him and asked him if he had a girlfriend (I’m nothing if not direct) and he said no so she left her number on a coaster and gave it to him. IT WAS AWESOME. Fiona just broke up with her boyfriend so we were all so happy for her because “Dean the Bartender” is literally so sweet and really good looking.


Just a little selfie to end the night. We started so early that we were back by 10 PM and after this little blog post I am hitting the hay because I have class at 9AM. Success!

Cheers– treat yourself to a drink in honor of Arthur!



2 thoughts on “Cheers to Arthur!

  1. Woo hoo! Blessings upon Arthur! It sure seems like you are having a ‘grand’ time. We miss you (a little :), but are happy for you as well. Keep having fun, be safe, and keep bloggin’!

  2. Sounds like an unexpected day off and you all wasted no time adapting to party mode. It’s the Irish way I guess!!

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