Meet Caro.

I can remember sitting on the comfy couches in Avalon talking to Mrs. Jones/Christa/advice-and-mommy-extraordinaire about her college days, back when she was called Frye. She would tell me hilarious stories including her smoking roommate confronting her about blow drying her hair early in the morning (trust me when you hear the story you would cry laughing..still laughing right now). I can remember thinking that college was going to be great. I was going to get my own nickname… have my own “frye” moments… meet tons of people… get a gorgeous college boyfriend. When those things didn’t exactly happen I remember sitting in dorm and thinking “I can’t do this”. I wasn’t prepared not to have the typical college experience and I didn’t know how to adjust to handle that maybe my experience wasn’t going to be like everyone else.

So, I absorbed myself in random things. I joined community service and it became one the coolest things I have ever done. I met tons of people who I otherwise wouldn’t have even known, I took over the group a year later, and we raised over 600 dollars in donations so they could renovate their small space. I took classes with teachers who I loved and took pride in doing well on each assignment. I worked over and over on my resume and clinched an internship where I was lucky enough to meet some awesome people and learn some office skills. I branched out and made new friends… people I feel so blessed to know, who make me better, and make me laugh all the time. Slowly I became a happier person and learned the benefits of stepping outside your comfort zone.

So I figured why not step outside it again? I applied to go abroad, got in, accepted the offer, and hopped on a plane. And boy am I glad I did because thus far I have learned so much about myself and I am finally having my “frye” moment… except mine has the label of “Caro”… the abroad persona that was so unique it needed its own nickname.

I have learned that Facebook can make anyone look like they are having tons of fun–pictures from one night can make you look like you are having the time of your life 24/7. Just like Instagram can filter photos, you can filter what you put out there to mold yourself into that typical college girl.

Perhaps, when your not the lucky one who gets that college experience right away, putting your big girl boots on and forging your own path gets you to the heart of that experience. I have been blessed to have the chance to do just that thanks to the amazing support I have always had–from my parents, brother, Frye ;), my godmother, grandparents, aunts, uncles (shout out to Uncle David who is the best blog supporter ever!), cousins, and friends.

Everything works out. Maybe not the way we all anticipate, but it all comes around. A little faith and time goes a long way.



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