Five on Friday

This is going to a random post, but it’s Friday so its all good!

1. The massive bruises I have from my oh-so-elegant trip up the curb that resulted in my face down on the sidewalk. While it was pretty hilarious, the bruises hurt so darn much. These babies are deep– sensitive to the touch, which made yoga yesterday extremely difficult. Below is one of FIVE (no lie) that spans the length of my leg. Sidewalk 1, Caroline 0.


2. Now that all us girls are starting to do things a bit more independently (in a good way!) I have had a bit more alone time. This resulted in my first little wave of homesickness. It wasn’t horrible, but it did take me by surprise. It quickly passed, but snap chats from my brother, like the one below, sure make things a lot better. How cute is my dog?! Princess Bella never misses an opportunity to hop up on the basement couch (the only piece of furniture she is allowed on).




3. Last night we decided to check out one of our favorite bars for dinner, The Kings Head. We have only been there when it is in ‘bar mode’ so it was cool to be there just relaxing and eating some good food. I had red meat for the first time since being here and unfortunately it was way over cooked, but it was nice not to have to cook my own meal! The atmosphere is super funky and cool!


4. We resist dessert here a lot, but last night we decided to stop for gelato on our way home. Oh my word it was soooo delicious! The perfect serving size and the best pallet cleanser. I had coffee and Molly (below) had pistachio. We totally love this place and it was well worth it last night!


5. This was the enormous bags of laundry that I had to separate this morning. Since all my sheets and blankets needed washing, it added to my already large bag quite a bit. I have never sweat so much carrying laundry across the street–it was not awesome. However, all of it will be washed, cleaned, and smelling awesome tonight at 5. The women there are awesome and totally made an exception by letting me pick it up the same day even though it was past 11. LOVE THEM.


Cheers to the weekend!


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