1. After grabbing a few items to try on at a store around here, I headed to the dressing room where I was promptly greeted by a wide open room with mirrors. No separations, curtains, or any sense of privacy whatsoever. This girl is not into that, but the many 50 + year old women just dropped trousers and continued to go about their business. LIKE NO. How am I supposed to do the “can I sit in these”, “kneel in these”, “run from a crazy man in these”, “strike a pose in this” in front of the mirror if there isn’t any privacy to do so?!

2. Trash bins are few and far between in public. Usually they are located by the bus stops or public areas, but nothing like in America, where they are everywhere you go.

3. Cheesey-onion is the most popular flavor here. No plain chips or plain pretzels…. its all cheese this, onion that, sour cream and onion galore. I cannot handle it. I would just like some pretzel crisps every once in a while please.

4. Don’t wear shorts…. you’ll get dirty looks and comments. Tights under shorts is the thing here (something I will never conform to). Don’t think for one second that it means these outfits are any less risque. Those shorts are just as short and the tights are often sheer as can be.

5. Finding out you can watch Hart of Dixie online… score. Suffering from withdrawals from all of my TV shows…heartbreaking. Life is rough sometimes.


Random enough for you? Happy Hump Day lovely readers!



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