Derry part four.

We ended our day by stopping at Bushmill Distillery since it was the first legal distillery in the UK. It even got a visit from Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles. The minute we stepped off the bus the strong smell of the whiskey brewing was abundant. We didn’t take and official tour, but we saw the site and headed to the gift shop so the boys could get personalized bottles of whiskey.





They had in in house cat that we still aren’t sure was alive, but it was super soft and let us all pet it while we waited for the boys.


By that time we were starving so we headed to a great restaurant and ordered a good meal and some hot chocolate to warm up. I got Hake, a very popular fish here. It is literally amazing. If its on the menu I order it and I suggest you do the same. Its a great white fish that never disappoints!


The hot chocolate was amazing and just what we needed to warm up, since we had been in the cold all day!

At night we headed out to a few bars that were on the street, one of which was called O’Donnells…. naturally I asked if my last name was O’Donnell could I get a free drink. They said no, but it was worth a try in my opinion.




They had a fabulous band playing live covers of awesome songs so we had a great time listening and dancing.


We were all starving by the end of the night and there was a pop up stand that was selling hamburgers on the street. We decided it was absolutely worth the calories because we had done so much that day and we were legitimately starving. Usually they overcook the hamburgers here because it is law that the meat must be cooked to a certain temperature (the man was literally sticking a thermometer in it every thirty seconds to check), so I asked if he could under cook mine a little since I didn’t want it to be like rubber—he said he would take it off the grill as soon as it hit the temp which was better than nothing. They thought us Americans were hilarious and I enjoyed them a lot too—I promised them I would blog about the burger because it was hands down the best thing I have EVER had.

IMG_1861 IMG_1860

I make it a tradition to always ask someone to give me what you would make yourself. I genuinely believe that people who are cooking something take pride in it so I completely trust their opinion. This situation worked out perfectly because he put grilled onions and two types of sauces (he took the time to mix them together). He even lightly grilled the bun for me and no one else. Its these little experiences–with people on the street that are so friendly and nice that make this experience all worth it. He even gave it to me for half off while the rest of the group had to pay full price. Success all around.


Stay tuned for the post about Sunday because it was a super cool day filled with a walking tour all around/in/outside of the walled city.



2 thoughts on “Derry part four.

  1. Hi Caroline,
    It certainly seems you are having a great time. What an experience!!! I’ve been reading all your blogs along the way. Just wondering… there are studying going on?? 🙂 All your friends seem great and glad you are enjoying all that Ireland offers. Everyone here is Chelmsford sends you love. Keep up the great blogs!!! Seee you soon.
    Uncle Tommy, Denise and the kids.

    • I must admit there is not much studying– but there is some!! I promise!! So glad you are liking it. Wishing I could have you all here– cannot wait to see you all at Christmas. Thanks for reading…it means a lot!! Miss you all!


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