The Galway Aquarium

Since Molly’s (my house mate) sister was in town visiting for her fall  break we  decided to plan a few outings to keep her entertained. Molly thought the aquarium would be a good idea and I gladly obliged since I haven’t been to an aquarium since I was a toddler. The aquarium is in salt hill, which is on the other side of Galway city, still within walking distance.

The walk is absolutely beautiful as it borders the ocean. We couldn’t resist stopping for a photo op of the sisters!


Once we arrived it was an odd experience.. unlike any aquarium in the U.S. It was mostly underground and was set up with a pirate theme. Also, you literally could have dove into one of the tanks without anyone noticing or caring. The glass went to just about my hip and there were no nets or any reinforcements. It was kind of hilarious.


The tanks twisted and turned and random fish were in each… including the sting rays.


We could not stop taking pictures and naturally I grabbed a photo of Molly taking a selfie.


Then I got her to make a fish face.


We found some Nemo’s… adorable!


And then we found the nastiest eel in the entire world… then we saw six more. The longest slimy things I have ever seen and it made my skin crawl.


Then the camera hogs came out and posed for me.


Then we saw the biggest sting ray (the photos don’t do it justice). She is the only one in an aquarium in the world and is mega endangered. She swims once a day and we actually got to see her do it!



We were one of the only people there so the man working at the aquarium took us around and let us do all these fun activities. We got to feed fish (I attempted but chickened out when it got close to my hand), hold a starfish, and hold a king crab (I got to release it back into the water).


Touching the starfish.


holding the king crab.



All in all it ended up being an awesome day–way more fun than I was expecting. We stopped for some tea on the way back since we were cold from the wind and headed back to our apartments with some good pictures and memories.



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