checking in.

Miss me?

I have been bit out of commission lately due to the lovely illness I contracted. This is my third week of being sick, but luckily I am on the up and hopefully will be fully mended by the time the weekend hits. Long story short I contracted a chest and sinus infection and after waiting a bit too long I headed to health services which was the most pleasant amazing experience ever mostly because she said the word anti-biotics which, at the time, was music to my ears. Being sick abroad is not fun…. not being able to just go to a doctor or call your mom took a toll and it created a homesick feeling where I wished things were just simple, like they are at home when you get sick. However, I now have mastered where and what hours the health center is open for business, I have been added to their database for easy check in, and I hope I have paid my dues in terms of sickness for the season (crossed fingers!).

I also am a bit behind on homework because I was bed-ridden for two days so I have been super busy trying to catch up. I did however have time to head to the Halloween festival here in Galway on Sunday night. Since Monday was a bank holiday the fesitval was attended by so many people of all ages. This was the coolest thing I have ever seen–I have never seen a Halloween parade in America, but they should take note because this was amazing. It POURED all weekend, but by some miracle the rain held off long enough for the parade to process down Shoppe Street and spook all the little kids (and even me!). Here is a little photo dump of what I was able to capture.








The eerie music, lighting, actors, and large floats did the trick in getting me into the Halloween spirit–a holiday I typically don’t get all that into. I am so glad I rallied and headed downtown to go.


I end this post with the hilarious photos that my cousin keeps sending me. She uses this app that creates a catch phrase for the photo and you insert the names. I cannot stop laughing and I just felt I needed to share!



Still laughing.



One thought on “checking in.

  1. Being that sick away from home is no fun. Good job navigating the system and finding a doctor. Halloween looked fun and festive, but it’s no surprise the Irish found another day to crowd the streets and party!

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