shhh.. I’ve been keeping a secret.

I have been a bit quiet lately due to the fact that I had some very special visitors in town. The O’Donnell clan arrived and I have been busy busy busy showing them Ireland for the past ten days. They departed for home today and although it was sad I cannot wait to catch up on sleep and head to London come the weekend! Plus I see them in about a month for Christmas break.

We started by just walking around Shoppe Street which is lined with restaurants, shops, bars, and so much more. We also walked down to the Salt Hill area (the water) and snapped some good photos on the jetty. Throughout their time here I was able to take them to my favorite eateries and try out some new ones. It was THE BEST not to cook for a week and get some of the best food Galway has to offer.



We packed in a ton of tours while they were here and the first was to the Aran Islands. We took a bus to the ferry and took the ferry over to the islands. We took a small van around with a local who was our tour guide and it couldn’t have been more awesome. Not only was he amazing in both his knowledge and joking skills, but he took us to all of the best sites… most of which were too magnificent to properly catch in photos.

A few facts about the islands:

-they are a group of islands that are on the Galway Bay Coast on the west coast of Ireland

-We toured the biggest island, Inishmore, which is 12 miles with a population of 840

-You cannot build on the island, you can only buy, but that itself is hard since typically houses only go up for sale every 10 years. Islanders usually grow up and stay on the island.

-There is one gas station, one supermarket… and so on. Very small, quaint, yet breathtakingly beautiful.

-one of my favorite movies, Leap Year (starring Amy Adams) was filmed on the island so I was in heaven visiting all the sites where all my favorite scenes were filmed.


While at one of the sites we met a woman who knits tons and tons of scarves, gloves, ear warmers, and so much more. She was the fastest knitter I have ever met in my life. She was the most hilarious woman I have ever encountered in my life. Not only were her products so awesome, but she had no qualms about telling you what you should and shouldn’t attempt to pull off style wise. I walked out with two hats, two ear warmers, and one pair of socks. Zach got a hat and my mom got gloves. Totally worth it and I cannot wait to show her pieces off…. She was so talented! She had tons of photos with stars she has met and knitted for including Amy Adams, Sharon Stone, and Robert DiNero.



The tour was amazing and for the part of the day that was majorly outside it didn’t rain (thank goodness) so the drizzling come the end of the day was fine since we mostly were in the van touring places. The place was magnificent and I am so glad we decided to do it.

More on the rest of their trip later!



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