Family part two.

My parents chose the rainiest week in Ireland to come. So after many attempts at golfing my Dad and brother finally got a day, but then it started hailing (massive downpours of hail… like nothing I have ever seen) so they eventually had to throw in the towel. The day that I had a class that I absolutely couldn’t miss (yes I do attend class) the family headed to the cliffs of moher and did the entire tour that I had already done at the beginning of the year. It worked out perfect.

One of the days it was down pouring and I had a class in the morning so we decided to head to the Galway Museum. While it wasn’t spectacular, it was mildly cool to walk around and see what they had compiled. It actually was really boring if I am being honest.


We decided to look inside some of the old Galway churches. One of them was where Christopher Columbus stopped for direction to North America. My dad has a tradition to light a candle for each of our grandparents at every church.


We then of course had to stop in a cute cafe (to once again escape the rain) and have some hot cocoa.


We topped our day off with a big dinner with all my friends. I don’t have any photos because it was one of those nights that was just perfect– the food, conversation, humor–it was all just spot on and it was so fabulous. I am so happy everyone was able to come and enjoy the night.


The next day we headed on a day trip to Dublin. We hopped on a direct bus (2.5 hours) to Dublin. We toured Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells before heading to the Guinness Factory and Jameson Distillery.


Beautiful Dublin…. it made me realize how lucky I am to be in Galway because it has all the charm, but a bit smaller. However being in Dublin for the day was amazing!


The amazing library where you could walk around. The books are so old that most cannot even see daylight.



The Guinness Factory is one of the coolest things I have ever done. It had at least seven floors and had all these different exhibits including Guinness barrells and how they are made, how the beer itself is made, philanthropy, advertising and so much more. It was both interactive and media. It was truly amazing. The coolest part is there is a pouring bar where you learn to pour a Guinness and get certified since there is a specific way to pour the beer. I hate Guinness but you bet your butt I washed out my cup and “stole” it. The top floor is the Sky Bar and the highest point in Dublin…. Zach and I are pictured above at the bar — complete windows 360 degrees around. I highly recommend putting the museum on your list if you have the chance!



We took a horse and buggy to the Jameson Distillery instead of a cab and it was the best thing ever. I seriously have never been so excited (hence my face in this photo)… I was obsessed with our horse Molly and it was by far the coolest way to ride around Dublin.


The Jameson Distillery was much more about the process of making the whiskey. It was really cool to be led through and see exactly how the process was discovered. Zach was chosen as a taste tester and got to taste three types then choose his favorite. He got an engraved whiskey bottle while there and it was really cool. I would highly recommend this museum as well!

The day was really jam packed but super fun! I am so happy we made the effort to get to Dublin because the Guinness Factory alone was a must see! 



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