Christmas has officially hit Galway and I love it!

The Christmas spirit seems to get better and better every year. When I was younger I often would anticipate Christmas Eve and day so much because of the presents and glitz of the 48 hour period, but as I get older I really enjoy the time prior to the holiday when the cheer is starting to spread, the weather is changing, decorations are put up, and the entire world begins to appreciate things a bit more. Being abroad I have truly realized that this holiday season is something the entire world shares — unlike Thanksgiving or the 4th of July. Something about that connection makes me really happy.

In Galway the entirety of Eyre Square (the town center park) has been taken over by lavish sheds each with a different theme- hot cocoa, German chocolates, rare beefs, beer tasting, hot wines, jewelry, funnel cakes, ornaments, scarves, Irish sweaters and so much more. It is like the town Christmas market you have, but on steroids because it runs everyday here! At night the streets light up with Christmas lights galore and the town is buzzing with children and families waiting to ride the carousel and grab some hot chocolate.

Also for the month the town has setup ice skating. Since we are down to experience anything and everything the girls and guys headed over to the rink last Sunday and clipped (no laces on rented skates) on our skates. No one took any falls-thankfully- and we all enjoyed doing something different for a change.

We finished the day with some hot chocolate and goodies afterwards and left smiling and happy that Galway has officially entered the holidays.










One thought on “Falalala

  1. The Christmas lights are amazing. We were so sad they didn’t light them before we left. The different booths are such a fun idea. Best downtown ever!🎄

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