Scotland. the finale.

The last of the recap–sorry for the post overloads, but when I get internet all the pending posts upload!

The last day in Scotland found us on a walking tour of the city led by the most enthusiastic tour guide ever. Our feet were KILLING us since we walked the entire time we were in Edinburgh. We hopped out of the tour about an hour early and headed to a great Italian place for dinner. We browsed the Christmas market and got to see all the cool knick knacks that were for sale. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough room in my carry on to even think about buying anything.

The day was far more chill and at our own pace… the trip was so packed and we hit almost everything that was worth seeing that our feet were seriously suffering and we weren’t able to move at the same pace. Thus, we spent a lot of time lounging at Starbucks…. not just any Starbucks, but one with the most magnificent view of the castle through the windows. The warmth and creativity of this place was a perfect place to kill some time before our bus to the airport.


Overall Edinburgh gets an A+ in our book. The people were friendly (though not as friendly as London… but that was a high bar) and the city is organized in a very understandable way. That is saying a lot since I am literally navigationally challenged! The maps were clear and understandable. Everything was clean and beautiful. There were plenty of options for food and drinks. Additionally, there was plenty of transportation if you should need to use it, but we walked the entire time so it is completely walkable.



We ended the day by heading to the airport and taking the airport selfie labeled “NOMADS” since it was Thanksgiving and we certainly were not celebrating it in the way we thought we would be! I wouldn’t change anything about missing the holiday, but it was sad to know your family was together without you.


I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!


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