that time I pulled an all nighter

The day we left for Dublin to see the Lumineers our bus was making it tight for me to be able to make my class and get to the bus stop in time. Since I already got my final paper topic approved and the last class was just a formality, I decided to skip it. Just know that skipping here is literally no big deal. Kids do it all the time because most of class is self-directed learning so as long as you do the readings on your own you are golden.

About an hour before leaving for the bus I remembered I hadn’t checked my NUI e-mail (the college email). Its hard because I have a Holy Cross e-mail and a personal one, so remembering to check a third, which consists mostly of junk mail, is a challenge. Well what do you know there wasn’t just junk mail this time, but instead an e-mail that said the following:

Don’t forget that the in-class exams given in class today are due tomorrow at noon in my office.

Cue the freak out. OF COURSE the one class I skip all semester is when a surprise pop test/exam thing is passed out. Also, since I would be in Dublin there was no possible way I could pass it in on time anyway. Thus, I had to think fast and create a little white lie. I still feel so darn bad about things because my professor is so kind and sweet (he even gave me until I leave for the airport to pass in my final paper), but what was I supposed to do? I e-mailed explaining I couldn’t come to class because I was sick and I had a field trip on Friday to Dublin so could I pass it in via e-mail or could I grab the test on Monday and get it to him by Tuesday?

He still hadn’t responded when I reached Maggie’s apartment in Dublin so I considered myself off the hook. NO said God. As if the universe was laughing at me I received an e-mail from my professor just prior to leaving for the concert with the questions attached, but no instructions aka no word limit for the essays nor if I still had to pass them in by noon the next day.

Deciding I didn’t want it to ruin my night I headed out to the concert and agreed to go to Copper’s (a famous bar) afterwards. We arrived back to Maggie’s apartment around 315AM and while the girls were eating the leftovers from dinner, I headed to Maggie’s room, opened her computer, and began typing away. I kid you not I wrote two essays, quoting readings along the way, at 3:15AM and I didn’t stop typing until 5:15AM when I was satisfied enough with both essays.

I awoke at 9:00 AM and quickly read the essays and passed them into the professor. He responded with a thank you.

Pull an all nighter…. check.

and to think…. that wasn’t even on my bucket list.


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