good music soothes the soul (and helps you survive finals!)

Its that time of year again. Finals are the same no matter where you take them. Grueling, painful, and incredibly drawn out–the process never ceases to amaze me. I really feel like this generation deserves a medal for surviving finals. It shocks me every year that I survive and do not have to check into a mental asylum. I say this generation, excluding others, simply because your GPA means so much more in a world where your employment dreams are dismal and your GPA is how they sort through the thousands of resumes merely in round one. We are the internship generation and let me tell you…. its stressful knowing that an internship is the key to your employment livelihood. You may think I am exaggerating, but I get e-mails from my college bestie back home about how people are snapping and flying off the handle. While some sit back and drink beer and drown their misery in massive amounts of cheap college kid liquor, others pull their hair out, eat horribly, and drown themselves in mass amounts of caffeinated beverages. I actually have many years of handling stress thanks to my days at Middlesex where high school aged kids were supposed to take finals with the ease and grace of a college senior. Pretty darn thankful I accomplished that skill.

While my classes here mostly have final papers, since visiting students often don’t have to sit in on exams, I do have one exam on the last day of finals. I have a total of five, 3,000 word (about ten pages) essays and one exam. I have three essays already done and passed in, one written (but needs a spiffy clean up), and one to go… oh and I have to study for an exam. The whole thing is rather annoying because I do the same thing everyday. The sheer routine of it is making me go crazy. Literally…. my brain is in shambles. It will all be worth it when I am on a flight home to see my family, my Christmas adorned home, Bella (my dog), best friends, college bestie, and cousins. How sweet it is to be loved…. to have something that great to look forward to.

My survival until then is based on six songs, currently on repeat, that are doing the trick to keep me focused and writing thousands of words about pointless subjects. I love when people share their song ideas with me, so here are mine… no matter what you are doing these are great! Simply click on the title to listen via youtube!

1. Gale Song– The Lumineers (from the latest Hunger Games movie which you all need to go see… six out of five stars for sure!)

2. Cosmic Love– Florence and the Machine

3. Through the Dark– One Direction (Their new album is amazing!)

4.Story of my Life – One Direction

5. World Spins Madly On– The Weepies

6. Charlie Boy– The Lumineers


and for when you need you need to dance around a bit and take your mind off things— my new favorite!

Put the Gun Down– ZZ Ward

Happy Holidays!! Back to writing!!


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