35 things you appreciate about america after living in europe.

(First of all, I apologize for not being able to click the links on the previous post..#abroadprobs. As long as I am across the pond, this will plague us. I encourage you to type in the titles to youtube because they are so great!)

35 Things You Appreciate about America after living in Europe.

List adapted from here.

1.It is nearly impossible to get Tylenol, toiletries, and snacks in the same place. Separate stores for all.

2. All sodas are lukewarm, never served with ice, and ha if you want any diet drink besides Diet Coke.

3. Ice cubes. nope… it took us two weeks to find an ice cube tray.

4. Iced Coffee. You want it… find your own ice cubes and do it. Not on any menu here.

5. Online Streaming. You want to watch things online? Psych!! I don’t know how people survive without it.

6. Driving a car. There are cars yes, but public transportation is very prevalent even in small towns and cities.

7. Fro-Yo. Literally Gelato is all that exists. Good luck finding anything real either.

8. Electric outlets. You must time it so everyone can use it since there are few in the room (inconvenient places) and good luck with adapters… a different country requires a different adapter… UGH.

9. Outlet Shopping. Either really cheap stores or boutiques. Nothing in between.

10. 24 Hour Drive Through. Everything closes early. No late night snacking to be had! (A secret blessing)

11. WIFI/3G. My life is a never ending chase of internet. You must ask for the password everywhere you go and even then you may not get it. Further, even in the comforts of your home everything is a cord—no hands free internet here.

12. Free bathrooms. You have to pay to get into public bathrooms and the best part? Exact change only.

13. Peanut Butter. It is oddly hard to find. I don’t love it so it doesn’t affect me.

14. Solo cups. When hosting a pre-game, the clean up is far easier when cups can be swiped into a trash bag. I spend more mornings cleaning glass cups than I would ever like to admit.

15. Personal space. Boys are just all up in your face in a bar. LIKE NO. Start with your name.

16. Law and Order: SVU marathons. My biggest problem used to be missing the initial kill of the episode…. now its that it doesn’t even exist.

17. No Smoking Zones. People smoke anywhere anytime. It is nasty. My lungs are suffering.

18. Sushi. There is one restaurant in Galway and we consider that lucky. All Asian cuisine or Chinese food is hard to come by.

19. Football. Monday Night Football…. college football. Totally oblivious. Hurling, Curling, and Soccer instead.

20. American candy brands. Twix is the only international brand. (secret blessing)

21. International phones. You could travel from MA to CA and use the same phone…. go from Ireland to another nearby country and boom your phone no longer works.

22. Swim gear. Speedos– something I can do without for the rest of my life.

23. Free refills. In America they make a point to fill your water or bring a drink before you are even done. Conserve your first glass because OH LORD you will never get a refill.

24. American holidays. Thanksgiving. 4th of July.

25. Ketchup. This plagues me a lot!!! They keep a secret stash for Americans and you bet I am the one to annoy them for it.

26. Household appliances. Dishwashers would be a lifesaver.

27. Split the check. You get one check which makes things utterly complicated. We have met some great people who have sat down with a calculator for us!

28. Pancakes. I rarely like them, but the one time I ordered them you could have thrown them against the wall and they would have stuck. Thick and sticky. LOL.

29. Normal heaters or air conditioners. Air conditioners don’t really exist, but my heater has a switch–essentially it is super complicated and I have visions of waking up to a fire.

30. Water fountains. You will go in circles finding one to fill up your water bottle (that you would have had to bring from America because they barely sell them anywhere).

31. Food delivery. WE DELIVER is in all caps for a reason–its rare.

32. Screens. No windows have screens?! It is really annoying to be worried constantly about bugs and spiders. I have PTSD from a spider moment earlier this year and I know the culprit was the un-screened window.

33. Store hours. Everything closes early. Like REALLY early. Sunday has a delayed start… stores open at 11, 12, or 1.

34. Bagels. “They have bagels and cream cheese here” “NO WAY”—–its a big deal. I haven’t had one since August. (secret blessing)

35. Money. 1 and 2 Euro are a coin. In addition there is a 50 cent, 10 cent, 5 cent, 2 cent, and 1 cent. It literally makes no sense and makes for a heavy wallet.


All of these make up the charm of living here. I love that there are things to adjust to… its things I can say I adjusted to and made apart of me while I lived away for a year!



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