round two.

I had an amazing break that was filled with all the bests that breaks have to offer including lots of time with my cousins, jaunts to the movies, seeing the roommate, and chill nights at home catching up on my favorite TV shows. Christmas was low key and casual, which was perfect. It was so nice that I had trouble physically going into the security line at the airport and leaving my parents.

Alas, I made it back to Ireland and fared much better than my first arrival just a few months ago. It was funny to see the kids in line jetting off for the first time frazzled by the lack of internet, effects that an overnight flight has on the body, and general anxiety from stepping outside their comfort zone. I smiled because I remember that feeling so well. It certainly wasn’t easy, but it certainly was worth it. I am one of the lucky ones that gets to do it twice in a row…. something by the end of peoples time abroad they wish they got to do, but never thought they would be able to.

My room looked the same and so did my friends. Being separate wasn’t so bad. It made the reunion that much sweeter. Jetlag is still lingering, but the adjustment was easier coming into a place I had already made a home. What was different was the people. The kids I had grown accustomed to for an entire semester no longer were in their usual places or at the bars when we arrived. Instead it is a whole new crowd of giddy school kids ready to enjoy the few short months they have. In a way its bothersome because we had a bond with those other kids… the first semesters as we call them. They embarked on the same journey as us, learning along the way and laughing at our mistakes. Now we know the ins and outs, which I gladly share with all we meet, but for some reason and unexpectedly it is a tad bit bothersome. I wouldn’t say I’m opposed to change, but for some reason I am not loving the change in this sense. In general the group last semester was more people who seemed to be like us–mostly from the Northeast and all went to similar colleges. These students are mostly from the Midwest and go to huge universities. I have no opposition to any of this and in fact have met so many amazing girls already, but it sure is different. Perhaps change does bother me…. who knows. I suppose I cannot put my feelings into words, but I did not expect to be so jarred by the changeover of people. However, if there is one thing I have learned its that moments of change and uncomfortableness prove to be the most rewarding in the end.

On the plus side my classes are far more interesting than last semester. The choices are much more intriguing and I am genuinely happy with my selections that miraculously came together to fit into all the time slots I needed. Though my schedule is more packed I managed to only have on class on Thursday and Friday so that I can travel more.  Travel is on the agenda this semester far more than the last. Its my last chance to make the rounds and I am trying to come from a place of yes even though it is tempting to skip the exhaustion and planning and stay in the place I have grown to love. But, breaking that comfort zone is my goal… so I said yes to our first trip and I am super excited! We head to Amsterdam, Brussels, then Paris at the end of the month and knock off all three in only 4 days.

And nothing says you’re back in Ireland like having to trek through the rain to get to class.


welcome back faithful readers.


2 thoughts on “round two.

  1. Glad you are all settled. Good luck to the newbies. They are lucky to have a old pro to help them through the adjustment and offer valuable hints and advice. That first trip sounds like it will be a whirlwind of an adventure. Welcome back to the blogosphere. Can’t wait to hear more!😘🐾

  2. Great you arrived safely and sounds like ‘re-entry’ goes well. As you note, change is tricky, but usually good. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back at a second semester completed! Keep up the good work! Love – Uncle David

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