Weekend in Cork.

Two weekends ago we headed to the second biggest city in Ireland, Cork. Cork is another popular site for Holy Cross abroad students so we shacked up with some friends and hit all there was to do in the city. While the city pleasantly surprised me (I had been told it was in a bleak industrial style), it lacked a certain charm that Galway always seems to have. Indeed, it had a more industrial darker feel, but it was great to visit for the weekend!

Upon arriving we headed out to a bar and had a bit of a Holy Cross reunion as people were visiting from Dublin was well. The night was super fun…. full of dancing and a light buzz– the perfect combo!



On Saturday we headed to one of National Geographic 99 things to do before you die, which is to kiss the Blarney Stone. I thought it was some stone you step up to and kiss, but oh no no no. You get on your back and man literally holds you as you slide back and twist your neck to kiss this stone. You feel as if the man let you go you would go falling over the five story deteriorated castle. I literally blacked out during the entire process…. I was flailing and freaking out (hence why the man is shushing me in the photo) and upon kissing the wrong stone and having to extend backwards again I literally let out at least five swears. I remember none of it, but it was certainly entertaining for the girls watching. The Blarney Castle is super amazing and had a sprawling green estate with dogs and a home that people actually live in. Additionally, there were gardens and fantasy like trees across the entire property. Despite the rain, the day was really fun!






20140206-142057.jpgWe finished the day at the Cork Butter Museum which was the most hilarious thing I have ever experienced. It was a poor excuse for a museum, but boy are the Irish proud of their butter. It was a good experience for nothing other than the walk there along the river, which was exceptionally amazing.

Successful weekend and plenty of bucket list items checked off!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Cork.

  1. Hey Caroline…glad to hear all goes well – we were wondering when we’d get an update. As usual, you’re taking in all that Ireland has to offer. Yay! – Uncle David, Nanny, & Popop

  2. Cork sounds fun and interesting. I’m sure it was fun catching up with the other Holy Cross world travelers. I had no idea the Blarney Stone was so difficult to get to. Good for you. May the luck of the Irish follow you wherever you go.

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