Monday I returned from a five day trip to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. I feel so lucky I got to jet-set and see all these places. It is surreal to realize there is a whole world out there just waiting for you to explore. Though I certainly am still adjusting to being back and parts of the trip were incredibly exhausting it was well worth it to see all we did.


We arrived mid evening and was immediately greeted by the hoards of people in the city center. I assumed I wouldn’t like Amsterdam because it is known as a loose city with its main components being drugs and sex. Indeed, the rumors are true that you can purchase pot induced products at any coffee shop. If you know me well you know I despise the smell of weed (literally even the faintest scent makes me gag) so that aspect of the city certainly was not enjoyable. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the city itself. I really enjoyed my time there and easily would go back. Something distinct is that the city is very relaxed and welcoming so drugs aren’t shoved in our face and the red light district can easily be avoided if you so choose (though it is truly apart of the culture and the women are even relatively respected as business owners). Our hostel was in the red light district so there were tons of cafes, restaurants, shops, and street carts. It was the perfect location!

things we did:


Anne Frank House. This is the home they hid in during the occupation. It has been preserved and easily was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. The museum was so amazing, humbling, and breathtaking. I highly recommend it. It is in the most beautiful neighborhood of adorable townhouses/apartments.


The city was filled with old charm and modern conveniences. It was the perfect mix. We loved this little cafe with a love bench outside. The hot cocoa was amazing!


The city has tons of canals that run throughout the city. Homes are on either side and it adds to the picturesque quality of the city. We took an awesome walking tour our second day there and it was really cool to hear about the history of Amsterdam.


The entire city is lined with adorable homes build upward. Each had a distinct charm and style.


We, of course, made our way to the famous letters and took lots of touristy photos.

In case you travel there, places we think were worth it:

-Anne Frank house

-Van Gogh Museum (I don’t like art but it was really cool because its most of his original pieces)

-the diamond museum (free entry)

-Amsterdam letters (seen in photo above)

-walking tour

-Red light district (it is part of their culture so it was actually really interesting to experience)

more to come!



One thought on “Amsterdam

  1. Amsterdam sounds like one of the more interesting places in regards to cultural norms. It is clearly a beautiful place. The Diary of Anne Frank was the first book I chose to do a report on as a child, so it is a place I would love to visit one day. The pictures are great too.

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