go big or go home.


I had an accident after de-planeing from Paris in the Dublin airport. I have no idea why I fell but I did. I was walking to the bus on flat ground in flat shoes, but somehow I managed to get tripped up and I fell. I twisted my ankle so bad, but no one knew I was hurt because I was laughing so hard. I mean it was so darn funny…. I literally just was on the ground. I cannot even type without laughing. However, I actually then began to cry a little because I had hurt the ankle I broke three years ago and the same pop noise occurred. If you can imagine this– the bone on the side of the ankle completely touched the ground… I knew something was wrong.Unfortunately I had to sit through a three hour bus ride and I could barely walk to a cab to get home. I had a major breakdown on the phone with my mom because getting my boot off hurt so much and one look at my ankle gave me disgust. I was so exhausted from my trip and just wanted to shower and sleep, but I literally couldn’t walk so I found myself icing it prior to being able to do anything.


After waking up in the morning I knew I had to go to health services. That place knows my name by now. I seriously much be their most frequent abroad student. First my chest infection now this– go big or go home is clearly how I do things.


They immediately told me to go to the hospital and I was admitted and put on a gurney which also was hilarious. I got x-rays and was told it wasn’t broken, but it was a really bad sprain and I had torn all the tendons (seriously–go big or go home).

Thankfully I had some awesome friends who accompanied me to the ER and sat there while I waited. I am forever grateful to have friends like that… who drop everything and enter into the doomsday of health services of any sort.

The ankle is stiff and sore and has made my wardrobe consist of all sneakers. I have been dancing up a storm lately while at the pubs, which certainly isn’t helping it, but I cannot resist a good song!! The nasty black and blue is beginning to grow, but I hope that the stiffness heals soon so I can get back to wearing normal shoes!


never a dull moment…..

20140207-224537.jpgicing it…. trying to prop it up.

20140207-224549.jpgall checked in and ready to go!


My precious roommate who came with me and still had to do her homework for that day!


I insisted on documenting every step of my hospital stay and I felt the hospital bracelet had to be in every photo for dramatic effect.


The growing black and blue. It is still swollen and sore, but the swelling has gone down a ton. The black and blue is still getting bigger and creating a nice little line pattern along the tendons however and this is a photo from two days ago. gross.. I know.


This experience taught me a lot about independence. I checked myself into the hospital and dealt with the entire thing, asking proper question, and filling out forms all by myself. It was really hard because the hospital didn’t have WIFI so I had no way of contacting my parents… leaving them in the dark since the last text they received was “going to the ER… will let you know”. It all ended up being fine, just a hassle really.

I am grateful that I feel super immersed in the culture. I mean I have experienced the health care system first hand. The entire experience was pretty darn funny considering I constantly had to answer “I fell while walking” every time someone said “How did you do it?”.


keeping things interesting… as per usual 😉




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