We arrived in Paris and were all pretty exhausted at that point. We arrived at our hostel and went to sleep. We had one full day in Paris and packed in literally everything there was to do (which was a lot). My roommate, Molly’s best friend from childhood is abroad in Paris so we got SO lucky in that she met up with us and took us around everywhere. That helped a ton–she navigated for us.

My feet really hurt by this point in the trip and it only got worse all day. I do wonder if I would have enjoyed Paris more if my feet weren’t hurting so much, but I believe that the charm of a city speaks for itself and I did not get the spark I did when I was in London. Paris was certainly beautiful, but I did not love it. So many are shocked when I say this, but alas I found that the language barrier, slightly rude people, and massive crowds in the city created an atmosphere perfect for a few days of travel, but nothing more.

Things we did:

-Arc de Triomphe (we climbed this to see an awesome view of the city as opposed to actually climbing the Eiffel tower).

-The Eiffel tower

-felafel in the Jewish quater

-Chinese new year celebration on the streets

-Modern Art Museum (loved loved loved it!)

-Musée d’Orsay (Art museum)

-the Louvre (captured the typical tourist pic)

-Notre Dame Cathedral

-crepes from a street vendor

-macaroons from a small bakery

-The lock bridge

and now the photo dump!

150308_10151900344738247_288121828_n 602301_10151900345618247_1713755719_n 970640_10151900356263247_436896068_n 1000955_10151900342348247_1934333079_n 1011254_10151900354553247_1807514515_n 1012668_10151900345933247_1182976548_n 1506024_10151900343743247_1889530690_n 1510759_10151900356653247_619680928_n 1510984_10151900343528247_2029261283_n 1604465_10151900353778247_683757006_n 1618616_10151900353903247_1710230720_n 1620700_10151900353683247_740803747_n 1620765_10151900346813247_1166389384_n 1656337_10151900357148247_1821880618_n 1662715_10151900343863247_2094694080_n 1779214_10151900346513247_912094190_n 1794628_10151900342178247_990021618_n 1888750_10151900354288247_2045060163_n 1891011_10151900342423247_1877741504_n

Things to keep in mind:

-there is free entrance to all on the first Sunday of every month to all the museums in Paris. This was awesome because it saved us a ton of money, but the lines can be long. We couldn’t even get into the Louvre because the line was so long, but the lines moved fast for all other museums.

-the subway is actually really easy to figure out, but there is an app on your phone that can tell you exactly which lines to get on in order to reach your destination (its a lifesaver)– certainly download it. Consider a ten ride pass to save money and always save your tickets because they do random checks and large fines come with those who throw away their ticket before officially exiting.

-felafel is perhaps the best food ever. trust me. go get some.


we headed to the airport on Monday and flew home. all in all a great trip!


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