reaching VIP status…..

Sorry I have been MIA for a while, but alas did you think I could go this long without a health crisis? Correct…. I could not. Since last week was RAG week (a week where students skip class and party ALL DAY LONG… no joke) I was going out more than normal and pushing my body to its lack of sleeping limits. I would get back super late and then still rally and attend classes (being the responsible student I am- for all those who doubt it) and finally it caught up with me. By Friday I had a fever, shivering/sweating through the night, and the worst cough you could ever imagine. I knew right away this was what I had in October, but OF COURSE had to wait for the health center to be open on Monday to go in. First thing I got my booty over there (wheezing and coughing uncontrollably the entire way) and got myself some anti-biotics for this nasty chest infection I have been graced with. The front desk informed me I am now officially the VIP of all abroad students in terms of my frequency in their office. Like I said….. go big or go home.

The drugs have been a savior and I sincerely hope that after this health issue I have paid my dues this semester and no longer will need to see a medical professional until I get back to the USA.


In brighter news my bestie/college roomie/sassmaster extraordinaire ARRIVES TOMORROW!!! Thankfully I am feeling better, cleaned the apartment, and made a plan for the week to come–essentially, I am so ready for her arrival!!! I am beyond pumped to spend the week doing all things lovely that Galway has to offer with her. A week with my best friend gallivanting around…. what could be better than that?!


hoping your still keeping up with me and my adventures. I promise things will get better soon, especially after her visit because we have some awesome things planned!


keep on keeping up.




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