Holy Cross does Galway!

This past week my roommate from Holy Cross, Sarah, hopped across the ocean and visited for her spring break. I was coming off being sick and trying to catch up on work so it was fun to get out and start doing things around Ireland again. I was determined to show her a good time so we hit all the local and not so local spots including:

-Cliffs of Moher (of which all my friends who had guests came to…. that coupled with the amazing weather made the day fabulous)

-The colored row (the row of colored houses in Galway)

-Salthill and the bay area

-Cup of Tea (an amazing tea place with the cutest decor and the BEST lunch… Nanny you would love it!!)

-all of the souvenir shops

-The farmers market and Butlers for hot cocoa

-We ended our trip by heading to Dublin on Thursday and doing the Guinness Factory and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We then met our friend Maggie (studying in Dublin) for dinner and headed back to the hotel we booked for the night (LOVE staying in hotels and not gross hostels) so we could sleep since we had to be up early to get Sarah to the airport and me to catch the bus back to Galway.

I now have a ton of work to accomplish before Danielle (my best friend from Middlesex) arrives on Monday…. eeek! I am so excited for her arrival and to take her around since she loves traveling and was abroad herself last semester.


Now… here is a photo dump from the last week! Enjoy!


Our friend Kara from Holy Cross (studying in Spain) came for the weekend!


Julie and I!


Sarah, Kara and I at the colored row


just a little selfie action…..


Cliffs of Moher Tour


Cliffs tour….


Cliffs tour…


This should freak my Dad out!!




looking over the edge…


classic jumping picture to add to the collection my brother started!


The sun hitting the cliffs…


panorama view!


Fiona and I before the silent disco…


I was ecstatic that I got pink headphones at the silent disco (where you all get headphones and listen to one of two stations…. if you take your headphones off you feel like a fool because its basically silent!)


Mallory and I… we met this semester… so thankful for new friends!


My people… myself, Fiona, Anna (visiting from Holy Cross), Julie, Molly


Sarah and I… nice little Bulmers photobomb (very appropriate as its my favorite drink)


Guinness Factory in Dublin! This museum is my absolute favorite thing in Dublin… it is so interesting and worth a visit if you are ever in town.


The advertisement floor is my favorite!


St. Patricks Day reminder (appropriate as its so soon!)


View from the Sky Bar at the very top of the factory


Classic photo with the statue (this ones for you Zach).


Happy Weekend!



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