Danielle comes to visit!

Sorry for this being out of order, but I want to make sure I catch up on posts (for nothing else then memories for myself).

Directly after the Holy Cross gals departed, my best friend from Middlesex, Danielle arrived for a week long visit. I was so pumped when she texted me a few months back and mentioned visiting and second semester flew by and POOF she was arriving. Her visit came at the perfect time. Danielle is the easiest visitor ever…. she is always down to do whatever, but loves packing days full of events. The perfect combo! We covered all there was to cover while we were in Ireland and I hope I showed her at least some of the magic that captivated me for the past nine months.


–Our first stop was the Aran Islands. It was sunny for the first time in WEEKS. I mean probably over a month it rained day in day out, but this day was unreal. Its hard to capture that beauty in pictures, but none of these are filtered, so hopefully you get some of the magic that the island had to offer that day. The best part is we got to ride bikes around the entire island. We biked to the top, enjoyed lunch at the great pub, and got to enjoy all the sun and beauty all day.



— Next we went to the Cliffs of Moher. This was like my millionth time going, but it was my first with HORRID weather. I mean the wind was soooo strong. We had to stop about halfway to where I would normally go because the wind was whipping water into our faces. Some friends abroad for the semester joined us since they hadn’t been either. Luckily we got Desmond and his son of the Galway Tour Company (my absolute favorites!) who kept it entertaining even when the weather was dismal.


— We also did the Connemara tour to really see all of Ireland. Connemara is probably my least favorite tour offered, but I agree its something you have to do. The terrain is literally amazing and the region itself is really special because it is very conservative and tradition based. Most people in the region speak fluent Gaelic and live a very rural lifestyle.


Image Image


–We also did a day in Dublin, but since it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend it was a little more than we bargained for. The Guinness museum was literally absurdly packed as they had promotions and events going on all day. The Sky Bar (where you get your free drink) was NUTS. However, you cannot go to Ireland and not see the Guinness Factory so it was worth it for Danielle to see it.


Danielle’s visit was so amazing and I am so glad that we got to experience Ireland for a week together. Thanks Danielle for being a truly enjoyable guest and frolicking around the country for a week with me!




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