Prague and Italy

We headed on a whirlwind trip that included Prague–Venice–Florence–Rome. We gained and lost people along the way as we met up with friends in certain places and traveled in smaller groups to others. This was by far the most amazing trip I have ever taken and I was blessed to have the most amazing people to share it with. I also get to say that I rang in 21 in Rome on Palm Sunday. Can’t get much better than that. For the sake of you I’ll just photo dump, since the photos are the best part anyway.



-Old Town, amazing food (traditional Czech), Easter Festival (that looked like the Christmas set-up in Galway), and an amazing flight to Venice that included the most incredible view of the Swiss Alps.



–the most unique city ever, water taxis/everything on water, amazing shopping, amazing food, and an early birthday gift from the Longchamp store.



–the BEST food I have ever had, amazing vibe, cool architecture, the leather markets (that resulted in my first handbag)

an amazing day tour of Tuscany, and the only wine I will ever drink (it was that good…. and I hate wine)–oh and finding out I landed an internship on the steps of the Duomo.



–The Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica (my fav), so-so food, the Colosseum, the ruins, and ringing in 21 with a Bellini and a wish in the Trevi Fountain!



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