The final days.

I ended my time in Galway celebrating my birthday and Easter with my brother in town. Since my brother was only here for a few days we did a Cliffs of Moher trip (if I never see those cliffs again it will be too soon), biking around the smallest Aran Island, Easter at the Galway Cathedral and enjoying the nice weather. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


and now!! y’all are all caught up.





Prague and Italy

We headed on a whirlwind trip that included Prague–Venice–Florence–Rome. We gained and lost people along the way as we met up with friends in certain places and traveled in smaller groups to others. This was by far the most amazing trip I have ever taken and I was blessed to have the most amazing people to share it with. I also get to say that I rang in 21 in Rome on Palm Sunday. Can’t get much better than that. For the sake of you I’ll just photo dump, since the photos are the best part anyway.



-Old Town, amazing food (traditional Czech), Easter Festival (that looked like the Christmas set-up in Galway), and an amazing flight to Venice that included the most incredible view of the Swiss Alps.



–the most unique city ever, water taxis/everything on water, amazing shopping, amazing food, and an early birthday gift from the Longchamp store.



–the BEST food I have ever had, amazing vibe, cool architecture, the leather markets (that resulted in my first handbag)

an amazing day tour of Tuscany, and the only wine I will ever drink (it was that good…. and I hate wine)–oh and finding out I landed an internship on the steps of the Duomo.



–The Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica (my fav), so-so food, the Colosseum, the ruins, and ringing in 21 with a Bellini and a wish in the Trevi Fountain!


St. Patricks Day!

There isn’t much to say about St. Patricks Day in Ireland except for easily it was one of the top three days of my life in the country, perhaps in life. The day was pure perfection and every girl and guy with me that day would say the same thing. We all got together as a big group and everyone who is everyone was out all day popping from bar to bar. I had sooo much fun frolicking around with my friends and meeting new people/seeing old friends.

Let the photos speak for themselves. I don’t have many—the sign of a truly good day when you are too busy having fun to pull out your camera.


Danielle comes to visit!

Sorry for this being out of order, but I want to make sure I catch up on posts (for nothing else then memories for myself).

Directly after the Holy Cross gals departed, my best friend from Middlesex, Danielle arrived for a week long visit. I was so pumped when she texted me a few months back and mentioned visiting and second semester flew by and POOF she was arriving. Her visit came at the perfect time. Danielle is the easiest visitor ever…. she is always down to do whatever, but loves packing days full of events. The perfect combo! We covered all there was to cover while we were in Ireland and I hope I showed her at least some of the magic that captivated me for the past nine months.


–Our first stop was the Aran Islands. It was sunny for the first time in WEEKS. I mean probably over a month it rained day in day out, but this day was unreal. Its hard to capture that beauty in pictures, but none of these are filtered, so hopefully you get some of the magic that the island had to offer that day. The best part is we got to ride bikes around the entire island. We biked to the top, enjoyed lunch at the great pub, and got to enjoy all the sun and beauty all day.



— Next we went to the Cliffs of Moher. This was like my millionth time going, but it was my first with HORRID weather. I mean the wind was soooo strong. We had to stop about halfway to where I would normally go because the wind was whipping water into our faces. Some friends abroad for the semester joined us since they hadn’t been either. Luckily we got Desmond and his son of the Galway Tour Company (my absolute favorites!) who kept it entertaining even when the weather was dismal.


— We also did the Connemara tour to really see all of Ireland. Connemara is probably my least favorite tour offered, but I agree its something you have to do. The terrain is literally amazing and the region itself is really special because it is very conservative and tradition based. Most people in the region speak fluent Gaelic and live a very rural lifestyle.


Image Image


–We also did a day in Dublin, but since it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend it was a little more than we bargained for. The Guinness museum was literally absurdly packed as they had promotions and events going on all day. The Sky Bar (where you get your free drink) was NUTS. However, you cannot go to Ireland and not see the Guinness Factory so it was worth it for Danielle to see it.


Danielle’s visit was so amazing and I am so glad that we got to experience Ireland for a week together. Thanks Danielle for being a truly enjoyable guest and frolicking around the country for a week with me!



and so we say goodbye….

Shew!!! Its been a while since I have been on this ole blog of mine. Forgive me friends…. it has been the craziest couple of months. After the Holy Cross crew departed, I hosted my best friend from Middlesex, Danielle for the week. I have so many awesome photos and fun to share, but that will have to wait until I catch up on posts. I then went on an amazing trip to Prague and all around Italy—ringing in my twenty first birthday in Rome. Then I hosted my brother for four/five days in Galway for birthday celebrations and Easter. Then BOOM………. I had one week left to soak it all in, finish my papers, and say my goodbyes.


I leave super early tomorrow and the entire thing is so surreal. I can remember last August sitting down and writing my first post. I was so ready to come here, but I was so naive about how hard it would be. I often blog about the amazing things I do here, but it was certainly a culture shock at first. The people, customs, and way of life is completely different than that of America. I had to learn to live without the comforts I am so used to and adapt to the oddities that come with living in Ireland. I got homesick along the way, it wasn’t always fun, and I had my fair share of emotional overloads.

BUT. No other time in my life will ever compare to this. It has been the BEST nine months of my life for so many reasons. I have grown more through this experience that I ever could have imagined or ever could have if I had stayed in the United States. The Irish people have taught me that letting lose and being yourself is far more beneficial than holding back and worrying what others think. Because of this my self-confidence has skyrocketed since arriving. I am so grateful to my Irish friends for bringing me back to my old self– the one that didn’t care if someone didn’t like her, but moved on to those who did.

I am even more grateful to my Galway Girls– Julie, Molly, Molly, and Fiona. They restored my faith in girls (after a rough go of it my first two years at Holy Cross) and taught me what true friendship is about. I have never laughed harder than the moments with them— from Molly falling off the chair in Dingle to Molly stealing the mop at TFD to Fiona giving Dean her number to Julie stealing anything and everything she could from a bar…. these girls injected an energy into me that inspired me to go out and just have fun. They accept me for me (which can’t always be easy), support me every second of every day (even when I am annoying), and easily have become my best friends that will last far beyond my Holy Cross years. Cheers to you girls— you will never know how truly grateful I am for you all.

I believe in fate and that it does crazy things to connect your life. The first day of second semester I had close to 20 girls in my small little kitchen for a pre-game before going out. Though I love them all and am still close with them… I couldn’t be more grateful for the two that I can call my closest friends– Jessie and Emily. They are my West Coast biddies and without them I don’t think my experience would be the same. They remind me to relax and take life a little less seriously. Jessie is the classiest wild-child–the prefect blend of sassy and serious– I have ever met and my red-headed sister in crime… the girl has my back and answers my morning facebooks without fail even when they consist of the annoying emojiis she hates so much. Emily finds humor in the most random things–she keeps me laughing and keeps it light. She has shown a strength this semester in herself that I admire so much— and she always reminds me to just “let it go”.

Though my main priority here certainly wasn’t classes, I have actually learned so much. Perhaps its because the pressure in the classroom is substantially lower than at home, or perhaps I am learning about things I actually find interesting, but the amount of information I gathered here has been shocking. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to take classes about the Irish culture, family, history and more…. it helped me understand the world I was living in for so long and without such knowledge I don’t think I could have been truly immersed.

I have made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way. So thank you Mom and Dad—- it is because of you that I got this opportunity and got to do it in the best way. You encouraged me, supported me, and cheered me on every step of the way from the time I said I was going to apply to pushing me onto that plane. The eleven days in which I welcomed you and Zach into my world were the best days I have ever spent with us as a family– memories that stick out so strong in my entire year here. I am so much closer with Zach because of those days and that is a gift I cannot express enough thankfulness for. Thank you for letting me travel all around Europe and flying me home at Christmas— I know this experience certainly wasn’t cheap, but the rewards are more than I can even express in words. From the bottom of my heart (and it will never be good enough) THANK YOU. I am a completely different person than I was in August… someone I am truly proud of… I owe that to you.

I will miss this place more than I could have ever imagined when I first arrived here. I can honestly say that Galway is my second home…. and homes are visited more than once, so I know I will be back. Nothing will ever be like this though–pure perfection in my mind. Thank you Ireland for absolutely everything. I plan to spread some of your Irish magic everywhere I go in America… I am forever grateful.

Cheers folks…. thanks for following me on my journey, supporting me along the way, and leaving your little comments of encouragement.


If only I had known when I made my tagline “the world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page” that it would hold so much meaning at the end of my experience……..


get out there and do something crazy… you never know, it might just change your life.






Holy Cross does Galway!

This past week my roommate from Holy Cross, Sarah, hopped across the ocean and visited for her spring break. I was coming off being sick and trying to catch up on work so it was fun to get out and start doing things around Ireland again. I was determined to show her a good time so we hit all the local and not so local spots including:

-Cliffs of Moher (of which all my friends who had guests came to…. that coupled with the amazing weather made the day fabulous)

-The colored row (the row of colored houses in Galway)

-Salthill and the bay area

-Cup of Tea (an amazing tea place with the cutest decor and the BEST lunch… Nanny you would love it!!)

-all of the souvenir shops

-The farmers market and Butlers for hot cocoa

-We ended our trip by heading to Dublin on Thursday and doing the Guinness Factory and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We then met our friend Maggie (studying in Dublin) for dinner and headed back to the hotel we booked for the night (LOVE staying in hotels and not gross hostels) so we could sleep since we had to be up early to get Sarah to the airport and me to catch the bus back to Galway.

I now have a ton of work to accomplish before Danielle (my best friend from Middlesex) arrives on Monday…. eeek! I am so excited for her arrival and to take her around since she loves traveling and was abroad herself last semester.


Now… here is a photo dump from the last week! Enjoy!


Our friend Kara from Holy Cross (studying in Spain) came for the weekend!


Julie and I!


Sarah, Kara and I at the colored row


just a little selfie action…..


Cliffs of Moher Tour


Cliffs tour….


Cliffs tour…


This should freak my Dad out!!




looking over the edge…


classic jumping picture to add to the collection my brother started!


The sun hitting the cliffs…


panorama view!


Fiona and I before the silent disco…


I was ecstatic that I got pink headphones at the silent disco (where you all get headphones and listen to one of two stations…. if you take your headphones off you feel like a fool because its basically silent!)


Mallory and I… we met this semester… so thankful for new friends!


My people… myself, Fiona, Anna (visiting from Holy Cross), Julie, Molly


Sarah and I… nice little Bulmers photobomb (very appropriate as its my favorite drink)


Guinness Factory in Dublin! This museum is my absolute favorite thing in Dublin… it is so interesting and worth a visit if you are ever in town.


The advertisement floor is my favorite!


St. Patricks Day reminder (appropriate as its so soon!)


View from the Sky Bar at the very top of the factory


Classic photo with the statue (this ones for you Zach).


Happy Weekend!


reaching VIP status…..

Sorry I have been MIA for a while, but alas did you think I could go this long without a health crisis? Correct…. I could not. Since last week was RAG week (a week where students skip class and party ALL DAY LONG… no joke) I was going out more than normal and pushing my body to its lack of sleeping limits. I would get back super late and then still rally and attend classes (being the responsible student I am- for all those who doubt it) and finally it caught up with me. By Friday I had a fever, shivering/sweating through the night, and the worst cough you could ever imagine. I knew right away this was what I had in October, but OF COURSE had to wait for the health center to be open on Monday to go in. First thing I got my booty over there (wheezing and coughing uncontrollably the entire way) and got myself some anti-biotics for this nasty chest infection I have been graced with. The front desk informed me I am now officially the VIP of all abroad students in terms of my frequency in their office. Like I said….. go big or go home.

The drugs have been a savior and I sincerely hope that after this health issue I have paid my dues this semester and no longer will need to see a medical professional until I get back to the USA.


In brighter news my bestie/college roomie/sassmaster extraordinaire ARRIVES TOMORROW!!! Thankfully I am feeling better, cleaned the apartment, and made a plan for the week to come–essentially, I am so ready for her arrival!!! I am beyond pumped to spend the week doing all things lovely that Galway has to offer with her. A week with my best friend gallivanting around…. what could be better than that?!


hoping your still keeping up with me and my adventures. I promise things will get better soon, especially after her visit because we have some awesome things planned!


keep on keeping up.